Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Using our own custom Search Engine, we identify the most relevant web sites to get links from. Next, we contact the webmaster and offer up a compelling reason to link to your site, highlighting your content and other significant site features. From there, we will help you implement everything we have discussed above to improve your site and bring you the targeted traffic you’re looking for.

We understand that different sites have different budgets, so we strive to make it easier for clients to get the package that best fits their needs, goals and budget requirements.

If your expectations are too high, your timeline is too fast, your site is too new, or there are other factors that may hinder rankings, we’ll let you know upfront. We don’t want to take money from someone every month if it’s not possible to achieve what they’re seeking in the timeline they’re seeking it. However, if the prospects for your link building Return on Investment (ROI) look good, then let’s continue together.

SEO Links

The reasons to hire are clear:

There is no long term contract. As long as you pay us each month, we’ll keep working with you.

We offer full reporting on everything we’re doing (updated monthly) so that you’ll always know the status of your site and our work.
We’ll provide you with reports that included recommended improvements to help you better the quality of your Web site and attract more visitors.
Our talented team of search marketers are willing to do what’s necessary to help improve your site and get you the results you’re after.

We are a Web Hosting, Website Design, Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and E-commerce specialist company. Although SEO Teaching is young , the company have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind it from some of the most experienced staff in the industry. With this we have gained the trust of many of our clients, some of which being Charities, IT companies, and commercial institutions. SEO Teaching have also gained a huge amount of respect from other search engine optimisation (SEO) and website design companies alike. We Offer ALL of our clients a “no tie in” contract on our website promotion schemes that we offer. We also offer a monthly payment scheme for clients who want to see what we are made of. Even though we lock none of our customers into a contract for any period of time, SEO Teaching hold a respectable 95% client retention rate with out existing clients. This really does prove that we are a leading and innovative SEO company in the search marketing industry.

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Email Marketing

Do you have special offers, upcoming events, or company information you want to quickly share with customers or prospects? By sending an email blast, you can reach thousands of people at once and get a faster response than you would through most other marketing campaigns.

With an email blast, you can customize your message to multiple groups as part of the same mailing. For example, this lets you send a different message to prospects than you do to existing customers. It also allows you to test different subject lines and promotional offers to determine which is the most effective.

Email Blast best practices

The biggest challenge for email marketers remains spam. Even the savviest of email users have trouble distinguishing between harmful junk mail that appears authentic and legitimate email offers from trustworthy sources. By following a series of best practices for your email blast, you can ensure your messages stand out amidst the sea of spam.

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