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SEO-T’s Summer Training

Why Join SEO-T’s Summer Training

Our objective has been to provide skilled man power to support the vast development programs, being implemented in the country. In turn it enabling us to establish, promote and propagate Management & Engineering Education programs thereby providing the right kind of professionals and skilled personals required by the Corporate.

At SEO-T, we combine the passion for excellence with the right expertise in an evolving, exciting yet stable environment that offers noble opportunities to excel with the next generation of software and hardware professionals.

Summer Training Offer are:

Human Resource
Sales and Marketing ( Retail / Service Sector)
Internet Marketing/ Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing

(Duration : 8 – 24 weeks)

Benefits of the Summer Training Camps

Provide them in depth Corporate knowledge of a function for which they plan to specialize in the Management Studies Gives the students a chance to apply into actual practice the fundamentals that they learnt in the first year.

A taste of working life for students who do not have a work experience.
Help students in deciding the kind of specialization they want to pursue.
Will also include Personality Development and Interview preparation skills.

Certificate and Experience Letter

The lectures would be delivered by faculty drawn from the best Institutes and the corporate training will be provided by the corporate trainers. The program is open to graduate students of institutions in UP or outside UP.

The summer training program has two different packages designed to suit the unique skills and ability of every student.